WiFi Calling

Nowadays, people are demanding continuous connectivity, and there is no exception when it comes to busy public locations such as arenas, shopping centres, and airports. But only a small amount of users are generally satisfied with their indoor mobile coverage. 


Mobile coverage in Ireland and the UK has been steadily improving over time, but there are still some gaps mainly in buildings and rural areas. Patching these gaps in mobile network coverage would require a significant investment, however there is a better, more cost effective solution to this problem. ​

WiFi Calling allows users to seamlessly switch phone service between mobile and WiFi when needed, ultimately increasing network coverage and improving user experience through technology that already exists in current smartphone models. 


Building Owner Benefits

  • Businesses will no longer be restricted by mobile network black-spots as WiFi calling allows users to seamlessly make calls and texts through a WiFi network.

  • WiFi Calling is a much cheaper alternative to installing an on- premises mobile network repeater.

  • Customers will still be able to make phone calls and send texts even if the mobile signal is still weak.

What we do

At Connect2Fi we specialise in auditing WiFi hotspots and providing advise on how to ensure your WiFi network can support WiFi calling.

Our highly trained engineers can create detailed WiFi heatmap surveys that identify areas where your network is underperforming. From there, we recommend a tailor made solution to maximise the performance of your WiFi network.