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Why your business needs WiFi Marketing

WiFi has changed the digital landscape dramatically since its initial inception, reaching the far corners of the globe, connecting billions of people and electronic devices together. Today, the technology has become an absolute necessity for the data hungry hyperconnected customer, who expect businesses to deliver excellent WiFi connectivity. These businesses can benefit from providing WiFi to their customers, as it can be used create a targeted marketing platform.

What is WiFi Marketing?

Brick and Mortar venues rarely have direct access to cost affective digital marketing. However, the introduction of public WiFi hotspots has opened the opportunity for businesses to utilise a new marketing platform called WiFi marketing.

WiFi marketing is an innovative and highly effective way to reach out to customers. It gives businesses the ability to convey a fully controlled message to their target market and collect vital information to create a customer database through a captive portal. Our service CleverLOGS builds on the advantages of WiFi Marketing to deliver a fully customizable WiFi experience with user friendly analytical tools capable of turning raw data into valuable insight.

Why does my business need a WiFi marketing tool such as CleverLOGS?

CleverLOGS can be used as an essential part of a businesses’ marketing strategy. The service gives a platform to set up a branded WiFi landing page, capture email addresses, redirect customers to social media and analyse real time demographic data directly on a user friendly partner portal. For more information about this service please navigate to our CleverLOGS page.

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