What does "IoT" mean for your WiFi?

WiFi is by far the most popular way to access the internet.  In fact, WiFi carries almost nine times more traffic than mobile networks, acting as the key enabling technology for the Internet of Things “IoT”.  According to ABI Research, the number of devices connected to WiFi will soon reach 41 billion by 2020 and by 2021 60% of all data traffic will be offloaded by WiFi networks. 

It is clear that the future of WiFi networking is pointing towards a more strategic role, acting as the main support for communications across a broad range of devices. However, are existing WiFi networks up to this task?

IoT needs a strong WiFi backbone to work effectively. Without a reliable WiFi connection, even the smartest, most sophisticated devices won’t deliver on what they promise. Some WiFi infrastructure will not be capable of handling the traffic created by existing devices and apps, let alone the future traffic increase that is close on the horizon.

At Connect2Fi we fully understand that businesses are under a lot of pressure to keep up with this extra traffic and we aim to make your WiFi network IoT ready. Our expert team can audit, design, install and manage your WiFi to make it as future-proof as possible without breaking the bank.

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