What do business travellers expect out of your WiFi connection?

Having gaps in your Hotel WiFi network can have a serious knock on effect according to a recent hospitality study. The study examined how business travellers use hotel WiFi and found that:

A poor WiFi connection influences 36% of business travellers decision to rebook.

17% of business travellers do not inform their hotel about bad WiFi.

Business travellers between the ages of 35 – 44 are more likely to post complaints on travel websites.

When 79% of business travellers return to the same location, hotels cannot afford to skip out on the health of their WiFi. Even if your network is high in Quality, there might be some blind spots that could be costing your business. At Connect2Fi we offer a WiFi Health Check service, our WiFi engineers will test the performance and coverage of your network. Once the job is done we will provide you with an in depth, comprehensive report and recommendations for your WiFi network.

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