Using WiFi to reduce wait times

Having a long queue wouldn't be the worst problem for a business to have. However, slow service times can significantly effect customer experience, potentially leading to a lot of dissatisfaction, negative reviews and poor retention.

It’s no secret that customers hate to wait. What may be surprising is that customer satisfaction isn’t just influenced by the actual amount of time spent waiting.

In fact, the amount of time spent waiting for a table at a restaurant or waiting in line at a hotel’s front desk seems much longer when there is limited entertainment available. When boredom sets in, people tend to overestimate actual wait times by as much as 36 percent. If customers can use a comfortable seating area with access to high speed WiFi it can make a wait much more enjoyable.

At Connect2Fi we can help improve your customer’s waiting experience by installing a fast and reliable WiFi network. Our WiFi engineers can provide you with a tailor made solution to fit any budget or performance requirement.

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