Importance of complimentary WiFi in hospitality

When it comes to choosing a hotel, teens and young adults care about one thing above all else, access to complementary WiFi. Researchers at Aviva interviewed 2,000 British travellers, finding that 40 percent of holiday goers aged 16 to 24 put wireless internet at the top of their “deal breakers” list when it came to staying at a hotel. Since WiFi holds significant importance in the hospitality sector, hotels need to partner with a WiFi solutions provider that meets their specific needs. At Connect2Fi, we strive to provide your hotel with a fast, tailor made and reliable wireless network. With our new service, CleverLOGS, your hotel can fully control your guests’ wireless experience. The service allows you to set up a branded landing page for your guests, captures email addresses, analyse real time demographic data and filters your connection to make it safe and family friendly.


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