Compete against home-sharing

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Home sharing start-ups such as Airbnb have been taking a formidable chunk out of hotel revenue. However, guests using home sharing properties found that listings had very poor WiFi. Adding to this, recent research suggests that the home sharing industry poses a significant breach in internet security. Researcher Jeremy Galloway stated that a typical Airbnb home network is likely to be less secure than WiFi at a Coffee Shop or University. 

At Connect2Fi, we fully understand the risks associated with connecting to an unknown network. If you are in the hospitality sector, we can provide your business with a fast, reliable and secure network for your guests, giving you a significant advantage over home sharing start ups. Our secure cloud service CleverCloud, allows us to remotely monitor your network and immediately deal with configuration issues and security threats. Combined with our new service, CleverLOGS, you can have complete control of your guests’ wireless experience. CleverLOGS allows you to set up a branded and fully customisable landing page, captures email addresses, analyses real time demographic data and filters your connection to make it safe and family friendly.


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