Hospitality WiFi


At Connect2Fi we understand that WiFi connectivity plays a crucial role in your guest's hotel experience.

Our team can meet all of your guest’s needs and expectations when it comes to WiFi. We audit, design, install and manage WiFi networks across a number of hotels. Our solutions are tailor made to exact specifications, delivering reliable, high speed WiFi with unmatched customer support.

WiFi is no longer just another amenity in hotels, it has become as essential as light and heat, often playing a key factor in a customer’s decision to choose a place to stay.


According a recent trend report published by Tripadvisor for the hospitality industry, 26% of travellers said that they require accommodation that has “super-fast” WiFi, while an astonishing 46% of respondents stated that in-room WiFi was a “must have amenity”. If the hotel could not accommodate these demands, guests would simply look elsewhere.